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  • Nostalgic candy from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and much more...
  • Imported and domestic nuts, and homemade fudge!
  • Candy in every color!
  • Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire!

Candy By The Color with Pearls in NH

We all know that candy is delicious. No matter what shape or size, you can always guarantee that it's going to be tasty and put a smile on your face. So if you love all candy and with the Pearls in NH huge selection of fun and delicious candies, how can you possibly narrow down your selection so you don't walk out with the whole store? (Not that you wouldn't want to . . . ) Well why not choose your candy by the color?! Electric blue? Mandarin orange? Black and white? Tell us your color and we'll help you pull together an amazing selection of colored candies.

When Picking Candy By The Color is Perfect:

  • You're getting married and a classy and sophisticated wedding is your style, but with a bit of fun and whimsy. How about a black and white candy buffet?
  • It's your child's birthday party and you want fun, take-home treat for guests. What about a candy bar full of candy in primary colors or your child's favorite combination? (Pink and purple for the princess party. Blue and orange for the astronaut.)
  • You're planning a themed event, like a party by the ocean or a pirate party. Check out our marine life candy full of sharks, fish and more. For the pirate, stock up on gold-foiled chocolate coins and skulls and bones candy.
  • You're hosting a baby shower and want a fun and interactive display for guests-how about a candy bar with candies in pink and blue?
  • These are just a few examples, but there are so many more candy by the color parties waiting to happen! All it takes is your imagination and Pearls in New Hampshire.

Candy By The Color is Perfect for Holiday Celebrations and Any Party

There are so many great occasions for candy by the color that we wouldn't want to stop you with just the few ideas above. If you're in New Hampshire and you want color coded candies for your next event, make Pearls Candy & Nuts NH your first stop.

Pearls Candy & Nuts NH

Pearls Candy and Nuts NH carries a wide assortment of old-fashioned candy, nostalgic and hard to find items at terrific prices. We have imported and domestic nuts, fresh roasted jumbo cashews, as well as, many personal favorites like homemade fudge, specialty chocolates, gummi bears, candy cigarettes, Bit O' Honey, sour warheads, wax lips.