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  • Nostalgic candy from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and much more...
  • Imported and domestic nuts, and homemade fudge!
  • Candy for cake decorating!
  • Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire!

Candy Cake Decorating in NH

What's better than cake? Well, nothing really. Except cake covered in candy! Store bought or homemade, nothing takes cake decorating up a notch than adding some candy to that sweet concoction. Pearls in New Hampshire has more candies than you can imagine, perfect for candy cake or cupcake decorating for any occasion.

Candy cake decorating is perfect for:

  • Birthday cakes: write out the birthday number in candies or simply cover a cake in the birthday boy or girl's favorite candy. Or include all 70's, 80's or 90's candy.
  • Wedding cakes: make an elegant candy border on each tier that matches the color theme of the wedding or place beautiful candies in patterns around the cake and table.
  • Anniversary cakes: use candies to make shapes or scenes like the beach if that is where he proposed. Use them to decorate the cake in the color scheme of the party's flowers or their favorite colors.
  • What about a favorite hobby or occupation?

We couldn't possibly write all of the amazing ideas and events that are perfect for candy cake decorating. Our best suggestion is to come into our NH store and browse our candy wonderland for yourself. You'll no doubt be struck by inspiration when you get lost in our colorful aisles full of treats.

Come Into Pearls For Complete Candy Decorating Inspiration

If you don't yet have your decorating planned out, don't fret. Get lost in our colorful aisles and you're sure to be struck by inspiration. The tough part will be narrowing your candy-filled ideas!

Pearls Candy & Nuts NH

Pearls Candy and Nuts NH carries a wide assortment of old-fashioned candy, nostalgic and hard to find items at terrific prices. We have imported and domestic nuts, fresh roasted jumbo cashews, as well as, many personal favorites like homemade fudge, specialty chocolates, gummi bears, candy cigarettes, Bit O' Honey, sour warheads, wax lips.