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  • Nostalgic candy from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and much more...
  • Imported and domestic nuts, and homemade fudge!
  • Candy for wedding buffets and bars
  • Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire!

Wedding Candy Buffets and Bars in MA

What's the perfect way to add a special touch to your wedding and make your wedding guests extremely happy? A candy buffet bar, of course! And where can you possibly find the best selection of candies under one roof? Pearls Candy & Nuts NH for MA! Pearls has been supplying the ultimate candy lover's experience since 1976. Specializing in candies of today and yesteryear, we doubt there is a candy you won't find when putting together candy buffets for weddings. We are the place to go for picking out the perfect selection for your wedding candy bar in MA.

Start Planning Your Wedding Candy Bar!

The latest and greatest way to provide a beautiful presentation and tasty treat are wedding candy buffets. Candy buffets for weddings can provide a beautiful complement to your wedding color scheme. Guests can enjoy the candy throughout the celebration or make their own to-go bag as a special wedding favor. Weddings are truly special events and candy weddings are a great way to make it special and sweet.

Is a wedding candy bar a good idea for your wedding? Of course, yes!

When it comes to candy buffets for weddings, those are the easy questions. The tough part is deciding what candies you'll want to include in your candy buffet bar. Will you select a color scheme? Or maybe an 80's theme? Will you go for old-fashioned candies or just put together a table of all your favorites? We told you this wouldn't be easy. Luckily, you've landed on the candy expert's page for Massachusetts. Browse our site to see a small sample of what we carry. Then, head on into our store to experience the ultimate visual sugar rush. Wedding candy buffets won't know what hit them when you have the selection at Pearls Candy & Nuts NH to choose from.

Pearls Candy & Nuts NH

Pearls Candy and Nuts NH carries a wide assortment of old-fashioned candy, nostalgic and hard to find items at terrific prices. We have imported and domestic nuts, fresh roasted jumbo cashews, as well as, many personal favorites like homemade fudge, specialty chocolates, gummi bears, candy cigarettes, Bit O' Honey, sour warheads, wax lips.